A is for Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Here to Stay, Like It or Not

A is for Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Here to Stay, Like It or Not

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained a significant presence in our lives and will continue to constantly change our future whether we like it or not. The reality is that today many of these applications are already helping to simplify our lives. But the question remains, how in the long run will it shape our future and humanity positively?

Here are just a few ways AI has been influencing our lives:

Healthcare and AI

AI’s capabilities to analyze vast amounts of data at lightning speed will help identify diseases more quickly and accurately. It can increase the speed of research and help streamline diagnoses which can reduce the costs of developing new procedures and treatments. And, AI can automate administrative tasks, like insurance, billing, and maintaining records, helping ease the workload and save money. A significant obstacle to using all this data is the ability to keep patient data private and confidential.

Transportation and AI

AI has already produced Autonomous vehicles that hopefully provide safe driverless driving experiences. It helps with traffic management, reducing traffic, and improving road safety.

Education and AI

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and related technologies will have powerful impacts on how humans learn, helping students and teachers explore new realms of education. In addition, AI can tailor the learning experience to a student’s individual needs. This will bring major innovation to education, and humans will be able to do things they have never done before. However, there can be significant risks. AI algorithms can be biased. Decisions about what or how a student should learn may be unfair. 

Home Robots and AI

Today’s robots are not that intelligent as their capabilities are limited, such as iRobot, which can only clean floors. However, the future of AI will have home robots with enhanced Intelligence and increased capabilities. Today’s consumer robots could possibly invade your privacy. For example, some are outfitted with cameras or other sensors that may gather data about their environment and the people living in it, which may include images.

Experts believe the rise of AI will make us better off in the next decade, but many are concerned about how these advances will affect what it means to be human, to be productive, and to exercise free will.

Therefore, we must begin to take the necessary steps to ensure the wise humans in charge of AI start preparing for the future of this cutting-edge research in artificial Intelligence. Furthermore, we must implore/demand that they provide a governance that emphasizes the importance of using AI ethically so that it will allow AI to benefit all of humanity.

Maybe it’s not evil AI we must worry about, but having the right humans preparing for our use of ethical AI.


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