U is for Understanding your Home Energy Bill

U is for Understanding your Home Energy Bill

Unfortunately, sticker shock can be common when trying to understand your home energy bill. Frequently, we think we are frugal or environmentally conscious, but the price of our energy bill begs to differ. And then, there’s always the question, “Is my electric company trying to charge me more to become more energy efficient?” Or, “Are they making me feel bad by comparing me against much more energy-efficient homes?”

Whatever you may be feeling, or whatever they may be implying, can be simply remedied by truly understanding more than just the money you owe on your bill. It can be challenging to know what to do with the information they present to you. But reading your invoice with a critical eye can be all the difference.

Consider these ideas while reading your home energy bill:

Home caparison reports on your bill can be misleading. Unless you know you are blatantly leaving lights on 24/7 and watching TV in every room, more than likely, the comparison is slightly exaggerated. While it is good to limit unnecessary energy consumption, it is important to take care of your electricity needs as well.

A breakdown of where you are using your electricity can be helpful. If you notice the laundry is consuming more energy than your lights, it may indicate a problem or the fact that it may be time for an upgrade. Also, being aware of where you use the most energy can help you be mindful about where and when to reduce usage.

Looking at your usage over time can be a helpful tool in recognizing patterns. If your heat or A/C uses electricity, it is normal to see spikes in months with extreme weather. So don’t be put off by the fact that some months may be lower or higher than others. Instead, use this tool to see if something is extremely off. It’s easy to dismiss a high bill in chilly February, but if it’s twice as high as last year’s, the issue is worth looking into a little deeper.

Use their tips for reducing your footprint. It can be easy to dismiss these tips, but the truth is, even if you aren’t experiencing any issues, it is always a positive step to use less energy and be as energy-efficient as possible.

Understanding your home energy bill shouldn’t be a daunting task. Use the information they give to make positive changes around your house. And, as always, if there is a larger issue or something you truly don’t understand, don’t hesitate to reach out to your energy company and ask!


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