Z is for Zap Away your Personal Safety Fears

Z is for Zap Away your Personal Safety Fears

Safety is always a concern for most women. And most women have coped by creating mechanisms to protect themselves. Many people worldwide live in fear for their lives for various serious reasons, but sometimes it is important not to lose sight of the fact that women in our own backyard have similar daily fears as well.

Personal security is a top concern for most women. This includes their safety while in public, online, and most importantly, when alone. Many don’t feel safe running or exercising outside after dark or with their headphones on. Many don’t feel comfortable sharing financial information with a partner for fear of manipulation or being taken advantage of financially.

So how do we as women zap away these personal safety fears?

First, and most importantly, is to create change. This is by far the most challenging action to take and a significant step to help initiate progress. Without change at a societal level, any individual action takes one step forward and two steps back. As with most matters, we can start with Education. If we teach each child and adult (male or female) about respecting each other and what to do in situations where respect is lacking, we may begin to demolish many unnecessary fears. 

Our next step is to do our best to be prepared and make sure we spread the word to help others. Travel in groups and communicate when you must travel alone. Preparation can be as simple as purchasing pepper spray or a birdie device, a non-violent form of protection to help protect yourself in case of an unwanted incident. 

We may also consider using a security app to store your passwords. Or it can be as intensive as taking self-defense classes or turning to a career in law. Always trust your instincts, and whatever you do to feel safe, know it is better than doing nothing at all.

And finally, we should not be afraid to speak out against injustices to women near and far from us. The more we talk about female safety fears, the more others can see how the problem affects almost every woman in their life. All women should be able to zap away their personal safety fears, and they should feel comfortable doing so.

Creating community, awareness, and Education is important, but leading by example is the greatest way to begin to see the change desired.


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