A is for Aim Higher: Happy International Women’s Day

A is for Aim Higher: Happy International Women’s Day

One of the best ways to “Break the Bias” this International Women’s Day is to aim higher to create inclusive workplaces where women can thrive. Many great strides have been made over the past few decades to break the glass ceiling. But women are still struggling for equality in the workplace.

The past couple of years has been detrimental to the advancement of women and their careers. First, challenges from the pandemic have increased the disparity between women and men in the workforce. In addition, many women have been forced to leave the workforce due to caregiving responsibilities. Also, many are going to seek better opportunities concerning their benefits and workplace culture. 

Aiming higher to create spaces where women can thrive should be one of the many goals this International Women’s Day, both from each individual woman and every organization. In order to offset some of the challenges from the pandemic and from history and others’ perceptions. 

What can you do to aim higher this year?

Speak up for better benefits, pay, and hours.

Look for opportunities and go for them.

As an employer, create opportunities for equality and education.

Support women-owned businesses!

From Zuraw Financial Advisors, we wish you a Happy International Women’s Day, and we hope to continue to celebrate significant strides in the future.


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