X is for eXpectations: How to Manage Money eXpectations in a Relationship

X is for eXpectations: How to Manage Money eXpectations in a Relationship

Managing a relationship takes a fair amount of effort, compromise, and communication to be successful. And learning to manage your expectations when it comes to money issues within a relationship comes with a reasonable amount of work as well. Unfortunately, expectations around money are often overlooked when getting into a new relationship or taking the next step in a current one. Whether it is just easier not to talk about it, or because money is often a difficult or taboo subject, not talking about money can lead to more significant issues within your relationship.

In a partnership, you build a life and future with another person. Managing your money expectations within that relationship can be difficult. But with a bit of communication, learning how your partner views and manages their finances can alleviate potential problems. Arguments and issues about shared finances are the second leading cause of divorce today.

Here are a few tips for you and your partner to successfully manage your money expectations in your relationship:

Full Disclosure

Being open and honest with your partner is important for many facets of a relationship, especially your finances. Letting your partner know about any outstanding debts before you embark on a financial journey together will help manage expectations for both of you.


Communication is always the best way to manage any issue! Talking about your saving and spending habits. This can help ease any tensions that may arise. Also, being clear about debts, investments, and goals for the future will let your partner know how you want to build your life together.

Align Goals and eXpectations

This can fall under communication as well, but getting on the same page as your partner when it comes to money issues will create less tension. Of course, you shouldn’t throw away your central beliefs about saving and spending, but a little bit of compromise can go a long way.

Be Smart and Prepared

Create a budget, talk regularly about your finances, invest in your retirement, and start right now! Maybe you already are doing all of this for yourself, and in that case, keep it up! But create a plan with your partner and stick with it. You wouldn’t blindly control your personal finances, so make sure you are taking the same care with your joint finances.


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