W is for What is Your Degree Worth?

W is for What is Your Degree Worth?

A degree is a considerable investment. You are not only investing your money but your time as well. And as the world advances quickly, it is important to know that the degree you are investing yourself in will pay off in the future.

Whether you are heading into college fresh out of high school or heading back to school as an adult for a new career path, it is vital to make the best choice for your future. This can mean many different things depending on the career path you want to follow and where you are at in your life. There are many ways to measure how much your degree is worth.

Finding the Right School

The right school will propel you into having the opportunities you need for a successful career. Finding a school that won’t put you into a more significant amount of debt than you are capable of paying back is the first thing you must consider. The second is whether the school offers the correct programs and classes to get the degree or certification you need to advance your career.

Choosing the Right Career

Ideally, your career is something you are passionate about. But oftentimes, life isn’t perfect, and we don’t get to pursue our passions in the way we expected. But finding something that makes you feel good and uses your interests and skills makes for a fulfilling career. It may be helpful to take an aptitude test that can help you better understand your interest and strengths. This information may clarify which career path is most suited based on your skill sets. Also, speak with your school advisor for additional help.

Creating the Best Earnings

Often, we choose degrees based on the projected earnings. While it is wonderful to be able to do something you love, it is also essential to have a return on your investment. Therefore, finding a career where the salary is comfortable for the life you want to live is very important. Check out CollegeScorecard.ed.gov to see projected earnings for both the degree and the school you are thinking about.

A college degree is a no-brainer for succeeding in the workforce these days. So whether you go for a traditional 4-year degree, trade school, or a Ph. D. program, know that any education is worth more than none at all.


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