W is for Work Hard: Analyze your Life and Make it Better

W is for Work Hard: Analyze your Life and Make it Better

Work hard and make your life better

“Be happy with what you have while working for what you want.” Helen Keller

Many of us are grateful for our lives, as well as we should be. Yet, we know there is always room to “work hard “and improve our existence.

When we fail to fully engage in our lives, we may find we are left with a lack of direction and purpose, leading us to a stagnant and complacent life filled with regrets and unhappiness. But with each new day, we have the power to choose our best path and work hard to achieve the life we desire.

With a little motivation and persistence, we can strive to continually improve the life we are living. Yes, it may take working hard to improve the areas in which we deem important.  But no matter what kind of hard work needs to be done to improve our life, looking closely and analyzing how to make it better can make all the difference. Even if it means leaving our comfort zone.

How do we analyze our lives and plan to work hard to make our lives better?

First, we need to ask ourselves what will make our lives better? And actually, not superficially. Do we really need a bigger house or a better car? Or would more time off for vacations and family time make life better?  Should we downsize our home because we are entering retirement? Look at your needs and wants and see where they overlap.

Second, look closely at the present situation and the implementations that are in place.  Maybe you are struggling right now, working long hours in a job that doesn’t spark joy. But perhaps this job is a stepping stone towards a dream job. Or maybe the bigger house is necessary for your growing family. If you are on your way to your goals and being happy, keep at it! Analyze what you are doing to get there and how you can keep going. If you aren’t on your path yet, don’t worry! Look at what you are doing, and figure out what you need to do differently to get there. It could be a simple fix, but if you never try, you’ll never know!

And third, take the necessary steps to work hard to make your life better! Of course, creating the ideal life for yourself is not easy. It truly does take hard work. So don’t be afraid if this section takes years or 100 steps to get there. Knowing you are working hard to achieve your goals and dreams should be enough to keep you going. And if it isn’t, think about working hard for your family or pets. They deserve to see you have a better life too!

Although it can be daunting to analyze your life and make specific changes that may or may not be easy,  it is necessary to grow as humans. We are all unique individuals, and our best life is exclusive to each of us.  And while this can be as simple as having a thriving garden in the warm months to retiring early to your vacation home, we have to work hard to make our lives reflect our most authentic values to get the best life we deserve.


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