R is for Reset the Life Button and Begin a New Day

R is for Reset the Life Button and Begin a New Day

reset the life button and begin a new day

When life has us running in many different directions, and there is no end in sight. When we’ve settled into behaviors that are no longer giving us the results we desire. The kindest thing we can do for yourselves it to start over with a fresh, clean slate. Let’s reset our life button and make a potent impact on a brand-new start.

Clear Your Mind

Begin slowly to remove any negative thoughts that enter your mind and make you feel overwhelmed and stressed. Instead, concentrate on the positive aspects of your life. By doing so, you should begin to feel positive and energized.

Plan to be Hopeful and Happy

Take a moment to think about something you know will bring you joy. Whether it’s something big like that vacation you always wanted or something small like having dinner with a friend. Start planning and give yourself something to look forward to that will bring you future joy. Just thinking about your plans will bring you instant joy.

Get Outdoors

Take notice of all the beauty that surrounds us, a beautiful sky, sunshine, a warm breeze, birds singing, and flowers blooming. Nature can make us feel both relaxed and energized. A healthy dose of fresh air helps refresh our energy and boost our optimism.

Laugh Out Loud

“Life is better when you’re laughing.”

Laughter cleanses our soul and lightens our heart. But it also has many health benefits. It can help lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and it releases endorphins which produce a general sense of well-being. So, go meet up with that funny friend and enjoy a good laugh.

Turn off the News and Turn up the Music

Music can get inside our psyche and change our moods. Just like a negative news story. So, go ahead, crank up some happy tunes and start enjoying the blissful feeling of the music.

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