F is for Friends and Divorce

F is for Friends and Divorce

friends and divorce
Going through a divorce is stressful but having a strong support system can help keep you on track, even during those very hard moments. You know those moments where you question life and how you got here. Are you making the right decision? Can you afford this divorce? Is this going to affect the children negatively? The list goes on, but deep down you know that staying in a toxic relationship will continue to wreak havoc on your life and your children’s lives.

However, just because you believed you have some loving, supportive friends, or family does not mean they will be your best support system. You see, when it comes to divorce and friendships, things can become very complicated. Your friends may be willing to listen to you at first but listening to your story may force them to reflect on their own life.

Many believe this may be the reason behind research that suggests divorce can be contagious. When a close friend or relative divorces it may increase others chance of divorce. So don’t be too hard on them if they begin to disappear – besides the best support is going to come from your truest of friends, loved ones and hopefully a good therapist.

As you go through a divorce, you may lose a few friends, but don’t take it personally. Each person has their own struggle. And besides, it is their issue, not yours. Throughout life, whether you divorce or not, friends will come and go. But true friends remain consistent.

Divorce can also open up the opportunity to gain new friends and experiences. Focus on those who enrich your life and those who remain a positive support regardless of your marital status. True friends will see you through life’s hardest moments even when it is a divorce.

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