O is for Owning Up to Your Mistakes

O is for Owning Up to Your Mistakes

We are all human, and therefore we all make mistakes. Whether you make a mistake at work, in your relationships, or with your finances, it is a normal part of life. But when we try to hide, cover up, or ignore our mistakes is when things start to get messy. Instead, owning up to your mistakes can make them feel smaller and less intense in the long run.

Ideally, when you make a mistake you will learn from it, and avoid the actions that lead to your mistake in the future. But if you don’t own up to your mistakes, you won’t learn anything. And others may see you differently. For example, if you don’t own up to mistakes you make at work, you may not be seen as a reliable worker. 

It can feel difficult to own up to some mistake. Small ones, like forgetting an important item at the store or being late on a deadline can feel easy to own up to. But larger ones, like forgetting the deadline altogether or worse, can feel difficult to accept. But even when it feels hard, owning up to your mistakes can have many benefits.

The Benefits of Owning Up to Your Mistakes

Oftentimes, our relationships will be affected when we mess up. But, taking accountability has been shown to have a positive effect. Others will see your integrity and know they can trust you. And rather than dwelling on a mistake, switching your mindset to learn something from it will keep your self-confidence up.

How to Own Up to Your Mistakes

This part can feel tricky, but it is actually pretty simple. First, recognize the mistake and communicate that you are aware of it to whomever it may affect. While this part can be the most nerve wracking, it is also the most important! Next, find a way to amend the mistake if necessary. This could be as simple as an apology, or as elaborate as fixing what had happened. And then your last step is simple, actually follow through with it! It is one thing to apologize for being late to your weekly meeting, but without action it means nothing.

No matter what happened, taking accountability can be the best step. At the end of the day, it will take some weight off your shoulders and have given you a lesson. Know that you are not the only one who makes mistakes!

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