N is for Never Give Up – A ZFA Motto

N is for Never Give Up – A ZFA Motto

 Life can get pretty difficult sometimes. We can be passed over for our dream job, a promotion, the house we wanted, or anything that makes us feel like things just aren’t going well. It can be easy to feel like the universe is working against you. And that is why here at Zuraw Financial Advisors, we constantly remind ourselves to Never Give Up!

This sentiment was a family motto passed down from our leader’s grandfather. And she has never given up on this motto! She lives and teaches her team to Never Give Up, even when life is throwing you a curveball.

Preserving despite difficult times can take a lot of hard work. But deciding to keep fighting, after a third or fourth or fifth try is what will set you apart from the crowd. But, knowing when to take a step back and try a different approach is also an important lesson to learn. Just because you are going about something differently, doesn’t mean you have given up but just gotten smarter.

Whatever it is in your life that could be dragging you down, remember to Never Give Up!You never know what you may learn in the process, and what kind of wins you may be able to celebrate along the way.

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