K is for Keeping Important Relationships in Your Life

K is for Keeping Important Relationships in Your Life

Friends and family are the cornerstones for having a happy and healthy life. But modern life can often keep us busy and tired, which can separate us from our communities. But meaningful friendships, especially as adults, are extremely important to our overall health and wellness. Especially as we age.

It can be tricky to balance work, household responsibilities, family,  hobbies, and then meaningful friendships on top of that. But managing your time to fit something that will bring you joy is always worth it.

Here are some ways to prioritize friendship as a busy adult:

Make Regular Time.

This seems like a tricky no-brainer. But scheduling socialization can ensure that it will happen. Marking it on your calendar can also help you to not overbook yourself. Figure out a frequency which works for you, and start planning “friend dates” well in advance.

Combine Activities

If you and a friend frequent the same coffee shop or exercise class, make it a point to go together! Or see if stacking activities with your kids or mutual friends could work too. A group outing to the park or the movies is easy to plan and casual enough for most to enjoy. This approach may not leave as much room for intimate connections, but could increase the frequency of seeing friends regularly.

Be Understanding

Life is busy for us all. And your friends and loved ones are no exceptions! Be understanding towards rescheduling, changes in the plan, and even the odd cancellation. Having a bit of grace towards the situation can help the friendship stay on track even when neither of you can make enough time for each other.


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