K is for Kindly Help Out a Friend in Need

K is for Kindly Help Out a Friend in Need

With the holiday season coming upon us, our friends, family, and even ourselves may experience seasonal depression, missing family members, or money worries. Sometimes this season can be difficult for ourselves and others. But, being kind and helping our friends and family in need can make a world of difference in their lives and yours.

By kindly helping out a friend in need, not only are you embodying the holiday spirit, but you are participating in an activity that will make yourself and others feel better. There are many different ways to help out the people in your life. Knowing that help is not one size fits all is a good place to start. So don’t forget that the same help you would give your best friend is not the same help you would give your mother or a family in need.

Here are a few ideas to help others around you:

Reach Out to Those Who May be Missing Someone This Holiday Season. 

If you have friends or family who have lost a loved one, the holiday season can be especially tough. Frequent check-ins letting them know you are there for them can be helpful. Inviting them to gatherings or intimate hang outs can help get their minds off things. And simply being a shoulder to lean on can be the most helpful thing.

Offer the Gift of Service to Your Friends and Family.

The holidays can be a very stressful time for a number of reasons. If you have the time and mental energy, giving your service as a gift can be the most helpful thing you could do. Offer to take an elderly family member shopping. Plan on cooking more dishes than usual for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. 

Volunteer or Give to Charity.

Sometimes it is not just people we know who need a little extra help. Donate your money or time this holiday season to help others in need. You can volunteer at a food kitchen or donate food items. Or you can sponsor a family for Christmas gifts as well. Whatever is within yours means to give is helpful to those who need it.

Kindly helping out a friend or family member in need this holiday season is a great way to show those around you that you care. But it is important as you help others to know what their boundaries are and to back off if you find your help is unwanted. And lastly, it is also important to be kind to yourself this holiday season!


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