J is for Job Benefits Not to Miss Out On

J is for Job Benefits Not to Miss Out On

job benefits not to miss out on

When searching for a job or asking for a promotion, we can be very focused on our salary. It seems like the most important job benefit you can get is that. And while this is mostly true, there are many other important job benefits not to miss out on.

Many companies offer great benefits beyond health insurance and 401(k), but many workers miss these benefits. Your company’s compensation is more than just the salary. Any other benefits the company offers should be seen as part of what it is paying you.

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers are upping the ante on what benefits they offer their employees. Having a great place to work with happy employees isn’t always easy, but many employers are going above and beyond in their offerings. Remote work and flexible schedules, along with free lunches, coffees, and snacks, have become commonplace. However, more serious benefits should be considered as well.

Here are a few job benefits you should be sure not to miss out on if your company offers them. And perhaps keep your eye out for them if you are job hunting. Don’t forget to negotiate for these as well!


Your company should offer some sort of healthcare package for you and your family. Any type of medical coverage should be seriously considered, especially since you may get more benefits through your company rather than finding coverage on your own.

Retirement Savings

Many employers offer a 401(k) savings account and will often match it. Not taking advantage of this benefit could seriously affect your retirement savings.
PTO and Sick days off from work are a necessity. Whether you need to take a personal day, vacation, or sick leave, it is important that you do so without a detrimental effect on your paycheck. If you get this benefit, it is important for your physical and mental well-being to use it!

Secondary Health Coverage

If your employer offers a health savings account, dental, or vision, don’t hesitate to sign up for these benefits. Some employers offer additional perks like help with gym memberships or certain products that promote a healthy lifestyle. And even better, some employers may even give you incentives to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Student Loan and Continued Education

Many employers want employees who are well-educated and dedicated to being the best in their field. Therefore, many employees offer continued education, such as discounted or covered classes and certifications within their field. Some employers may even help to cover some of their employees’ monthly student loan payments.

A job should benefit you the way that you benefit the company you work for. Your salary is just one important aspect of this. Many employers have a multitude of different types of benefits. Don’t hesitate to use every single benefit your company offers.

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