H is for How to Protect Your Smart Home

H is for How to Protect Your Smart Home

how to protect your smart phone
Technological advancement has allowed what was once seen as advanced technology to become part of our everyday lives. Forget having a computer in your pocket. We also now have computers everywhere, including multiple places within our homes. Many of us have smart TVs, smart thermostats, smart baby monitors, and even smart appliances. This has definitely contributed to making our lives easier and more efficient. But as with any computer, there are still cyber security risks we must protect ourselves from.
Many of these devices are linked to our phones. And, of course, it doesn’t sound too dangerous to have a hacker “break into” your refrigerator. But, once security is breached, for one thing, a hacker can gain access to the rest of your devices and networks. Plus, many of these devices have access to our microphones and cameras, making it easy for hackers to monitor us without our knowledge.
It is still possible, even if you think you lead a “boring” life, that a hacker may not be interested in you. Any device can potentially lead to a breach of your personal information. While this seems scary, there are many things you can do to make sure that all of your devices are cyber-safe.

Secure Your WiFi and Router

Make sure to set a unique password for your WiFi network rather than the one that was provided. Many of these “random” passwords can have duplicates or easy-to-spot patterns. Then, be sure to turn the firewall setting on and use encryption. Lastly, don’t forget to set this up for automatic updates.

Secure Your Devices

No matter how many devices you may have, make sure they are all secure with individual and unique passwords. If this is too hard to manage, there are many apps to help you manage your passwords. Set up your devices to use two-factor authentication, especially important ones like your laptop.

Brush Up on Cyber Security Procedures

Read here to brush up on some safety procedures for all of your devices. Be sure to have a guest WiFi network to link some of your smart devices to in addition to your regular network. While it seems a little extra, splitting your devices between networks could save you from being completely hacked. Also, it is important to do your research before buying devices. Identifying if you need every electronic in your house to be “smart” and then figure out the safest brands that fit your personal needs.
Protecting your home and being cyber-secure seem like two separate things, but with the way technology is moving, it is important to get ahead of the curve. Protecting each device you own that connects to the internet can seem very tedious. But you will be glad you’ve done so as more horror stories about security breaches come out. It is always better to be cyber-safe than sorry!


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