C is for Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable.

C is for Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable.

Growing is part of life. And sometimes, it can feel uncomfortable. But sometimes, being uncomfortable can be the best thing for you if you want to succeed in your goals. You need to sweat and be sore to know if your workout is effective, right? So it can be helpful to think of other things in life similarly if you are working towards a goal.

Some people are predisposed to taking additional risks and putting themselves out there more. If that is you, great! You may already feel comfortable with the uncomfortable. But most of us need to work up to things a little bit. Taking a risk can be intimidating, but it may be necessary for personal growth. But it is important to differentiate being uncomfortable from fear and/or anxiety. 

Here are a few simple ways to get comfortable with the uncomfortable:

New experiences

Sometimes the best way to get comfortable with being uncomfortable is to try something new. Creating new experiences can be fulfilling and challenging simultaneously. In addition, having a unique experience at a lower stake, say, going to the movies alone or taking a class, can make you feel more comfortable when a more significant and uncomfortable situation arises.

Take risks and challenge yourself

Staying put feels pretty comfortable, right? But it also means you aren’t growing. So if things are feeling a little too easy, and you aren’t getting to where you want to go, maybe it’s time to challenge yourself or take a risk. If you think ahead, this could be an excellent catalyst for personal growth. And even small risks can get you used to feeling uncomfortable. 

List goals and activities

Write a list of things you want to accomplish. Then write a list of ways to achieve them. Many of them may feel “uncomfortable.” But whether it’s asking for a raise, switching careers, or taking a solo vacation, writing it down and breaking things up can make everything feel more manageable.

If we want to better our lives, it is time that we get comfortable being uncomfortable!


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