B is for Be Brave Enough to Say Something.

B is for Be Brave Enough to Say Something.

Are you brave enough to say something? Are you the type of person who will tell someone that they have spinach in their teeth, knowing they are about to go into an important meeting? Or would you choose to let them continue on their way without saying a word?

How about seeing a person walk down the street with a price tag hanging on their clothing, wearing mismatched shoes, or their clothes are inside out? What about a small piece of tissue stuck to the tip of their nose or a blood-sucking mosquito on their cheek? Would you swat it away or watch silently as it goes to work on their cheek?

When you witness awkward incidents, what do you do? Do you speak up, take action, lose your voice or walk away?

I prefer it when people, whether a friend or foe, aren’t afraid to point out my unintentional imperfections and help me avoid continued embarrassment.

I will also be happy to have someone swat the mosquito off my face helping me avoid a nasty bite.

Think about what you would do if you experienced one of these moments. Wouldn’t you want to know? Or would you prefer to go through your entire day walking around with two different shoes and your clothes inside out? Do you wish someone would help you out? I believe most would answer a definite YES.

We are firm believers in helping others and telling the truth, especially regarding your financial situation or a piece of spinach in your front teeth. Like the above scenarios—sometimes we can see that the person or household cannot afford the lifestyle they think they can. So even if there is a moment of awkwardness for both of us, remember that we have your best interests in mind and are looking out for you It is better to be a little embarrassed short term and clean up your financial situation or teeth than continue oblivious to reality.


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