Y is for Yahoo You’re Fifty! Time to Take a Good Look at your Finances

Y is for Yahoo You’re Fifty! Time to Take a Good Look at your Finances

yahoo you're fifty! time to take a good look at your finances
It’s never too late! Start right now, live within your means and secure your financial future. Don’t let today’s marketing campaigns lead you down a materialistic path. Find your happiness in things that fit your budget or that cost nothing at all. This alone could be the solution to many of your financial woes.

  • Don’t buy things that you cannot pay off at the end of the month unless it’s an emergency purchase. Following this rule will allow you to avoid unnecessary interest payments.
  • Get on the same page as your partner. You both should be aware of your current financial picture. Organize your finances together. Know where your money is and how investments are progressing. Regularly, discuss your lifestyle costs, and adjust when necessary.
  • Hire a trusted financial advisor and do have quarterly or at least an annual meeting to discuss your assets and investment strategy. Make sure you have a diversified portfolio that fits your comfort level, what percent is International US stocks vs. Bonds. The more informed and comfortable you get with investing, the easier and hopefully more gratifying it will be.
  • If you haven’t already, now is the time to discuss your aging parent’s finances. It is best to be prepared for any future complications. Discuss with your siblings the importance of saving your parents money for their care.

Be a realist and make a sustainable plan for your future, begin to imagine your life in the next few decades and create a reasonable plan. Don’t leave your future to chance and never expect others to be responsible for your care. Empower yourself, take charge and make a plan today.

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