Y is for: Younger Generations are Redefining Marriage

Y is for: Younger Generations are Redefining Marriage

Y is Young people and marriage

Today’s younger generation is choosing to “redefine marriage” by prioritizing other aspects of life before settling down with a partner and getting married.

Currently, young people are either not marrying or are marrying much later in life. As a result, they are beginning to “redefine marriage”. According to Pew Research, this generation has seen the largest drop in marriage rate history. However, cohabitation and partnerships are on the rise. 56% of unmarried young adults still aspire to marry someday.

Let’s explore why the younger generation is setting new trends and redefining marriage.

Working to better themselves

Many of today’s young people are actively creating independent identities before they settle down. Making work and personal achievement a highly valued goal by this generation.

Financial Reasons

Most want to be financially stable before they settle down with a partner.  With more than 44 million borrowers who collectively owe $1.5 trillion in student loan debt in America. Many young adults are finding themselves paying off college loans well into their twenties and beyond.


Young women specifically are making higher education a priority. Most postpone settling down until after graduation. The average age of a graduate student is 33. This makes it easy to see why there is a delay in marriage.

Women’s changing role in society

Long gone are the days when an unmarried woman is called a spinster. Today it’s acceptable to stay single and live an independent life. More women than men are obtaining a bachelor’s degree. And this gives them more choices than ever before. Many are choosing to focus on careers. Thus many do not feeling the same urgency to begin childbearing (thanks to modern medical technology).

While relationships have evolved and marriage is being redefined, both sexes are becoming more intentional about their futures and with whom they choose to share them. Maybe this will avoid the need for divorce in the future.


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