W is for What Mentally Strong People Do

W is for What Mentally Strong People Do

what mentally strong people do
Last week we talked about the things mentally strong people Do Not incorporate into their life in order to stay strong. Today let’s discuss some of the key habits mentally strong people do as regular practices to maintain high levels of positive energy, good interpersonal relationships and having a fulfilled life.

In order to become our best self we must start implementing healthy habits and eliminating the unhealthy habits. Sounds so simple, yet determining what we are doing regularly to sabotage our own well-being can be difficult and frightening, after all we are all doing our best or are we?

Here are some practices that we could be doing in order to be become our best selves:

Learn to Take Inventory of your life and actions

Take responsibility for strengths and weaknesses. Devise a plan to turn challenges into opportunities which will help you reach your goals toward becoming mentally strong.

Learn how to Emotional Regulate Yourself

We can’t control what life puts in our path but we can choose our reactions to each situation. This is not always easy but with practice we can learn to manage our emotions productively.  Here is a favorite quote of mine – “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” ─ Viktor E. Frankl

Learn to become emotionally resilient

Being able to adjust to whatever life throws your way; stress, hardship, or heartbreak, is a process that can be learned and practiced. This doesn’t mean you won’t experience pain or suffering but through these painful experiences you can begin to manage your feelings, problem solve more efficiently and rebound as a wiser and more evolved being.

What creates mentally strong people is their ability to look at themselves verses pointing to others for needed adjustments, change and accountability. Forming good mental strengths will make you feel better in yourself and with the world around you. You cannot change anything outside of yourself, but you possess the power to change everything from within.

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