T is for TENNIS (sort of)

T is for TENNIS (sort of)

You could say that the game of tennis is not relevant to going through a divorce, but you might be wrong about that.

One woman told me that she had never played better tennis than when she was going through her divorce. She said that when she was frustrated or overwhelmed, she would channel all of her pent-up energy and power into her game. She described tennis as her mental health support, her exercise, and her social life. On the practical side, she also found it to be a very efficient use of her time and money. Where else could you incorporate all three important activities into only an hour and a half?

Tennis happens to be my outlet, and I have been doing it all my life. I always recognize that when my life gets hectic and tough, playing more tennis helps me cope with everything that is going on, and I feel stronger and better.

So my question to you is what is your outlet? There are so many choices and things you can explore if you don’t have an activity already in place. Look for an activity that sparks a passion in you. There is Yoga, Pilates, Zumba (combines Latin and International music with a fun exercise system.) You can travel the world during a spinning class, take long walks or jogs with friends or perhaps play golf. You need to find an activity that brings you the most benefit in the time frame you have available. Remember to try and find activities that you can improve upon and truly enjoy. Make sure it allows you to spend time with supportive friends and if possible puts you outside in the fresh air.  Give your body the exercise it needs and craves.

Whatever you chose, try to spend at least a couple of times a week enjoying your chosen activity. If time allows enjoy it as much as possible.

Now go ahead and name your game!



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