T is for Travel Tips for the Summer

T is for Travel Tips for the Summer

It is finally truly summer, and traveling is back on the menu. Many of us have been eagerly awaiting this moment. But for most, travel hasn’t been a part of our lives in over a year. So there may be a few things we’ve forgotten we need to do in advance in order to have a good time traveling and on vacation. 

Here is a short but comprehensive list of things to be aware of as you get back into traveling this summer: 

Plan Ahead

There are still many restrictions in parts of the country and across the world. Knowing if there are any restrictions ahead of time, and being prepared for them, can be the difference between having a restful and relaxing vacation and a stressful one. 

And speaking of planning, don’t forget to plan the other parts of your vacation too. Keep in mind things might be a little more crowded this year than previously. So make sure your reservations for hotels, travel, and activities are locked in before you begin your vacation.

Stay Safe

With larger than normal crowds in airports, hotels, and restaurants, it is a good idea to keep being cautious, vaccinated or not. It is also a good idea to stay healthy while vacationing, especially when it is something we may no longer be used to. Stay hydrated, eat healthily, get good sleep, and exercise. Your body will thank you when you don’t come back home with an illness!


It is easy to try and cram two years’ worth of vacations in one. But less is more sometimes. So make a budget and stick to it, even if you haven’t had a financially difficult past year. Pick the activities you missed the most, and spend your money on those rather than trying to fit in more than you can chew just because it’s finally time to have fun.

These tips for summer travel will ensure that you will have a fun and relaxing vacation while staying safe and sane through your first big trip of the summer. And remember, the most important thing is to have fun and unwind!

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