T is for Take Negative Emotions Out of Your Life

T is for Take Negative Emotions Out of Your Life

Many of us experience negativity daily, and it not only affects ourselves but for everyone around us. Unfortunately, most are not even aware that they are stuck in a cycle of negative emotions, and are not only participating in but are drawn to this negative energy. While it can be difficult to pull ourselves free of negative emotions, it’s important to be aware that negative energy can be harmful to your health and your happiness. Research has shown that those who foster negativity will encounter more illness, higher levels of stress and have less overall wellbeing. So, choose to become aware and begin to take the negative energy out of your life.

Where do you start? Here are some tips on how to get started on a positive path:

Become more aware of the flow of negative thoughts. Observe these moments and see if you can stop when you find yourself judging others, complaining or criticizing, and replace with a positive observation.

Wake each morning and practice gratitude. List the things in life for which you are grateful. This will help shift your focus away from negative thoughts.

Smile as much as possible. The simple act of smiling can instantly change the way you feel and help ward off any negative emotions. Try smiling at others. You will be amazed how many smiles you get back which will help reinforce other positive behaviors.

Surround yourself with positive people because like energies help promote and reinforce each other. If you embrace a circle of positive friends, the power of their company will help elevate your positive energy levels.

Excuse yourself from negative conversation whenever possible, or gracefully try to change the topic to a more positive one.

Practice small acts of kindness. It is amazing the positive feeling you get just by doing something nice for someone else. And, it doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. It can be a kind word to a stranger (or you can join the “pay it forward” movement and give them a cup of coffee on you).

Get involved in your life choice. Positive people don’t just automatically have a good day. Instead, they choose to have a good day. It may be challenging at first but the work you put into avoiding negativity and seeking positive energy on a regular basis will not only improve your health, but you will find life becomes much brighter, kinder, and happier.

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