S is for Score Summer Savings on Travels

S is for Score Summer Savings on Travels

Summertime is the most popular time to travel, and for a good reason. Many like to travel due to their kids being off school and the good weather throughout most of the country. But because so many people tend to travel in the summertime, it is also one of the most expensive times to take a trip. But, it is still possible to score savings on summer travel, even mid summer.

Taking a break and getting to enjoy a new place with your loved ones is something everyone should experience, regardless of their financial situation. Whether you weren’t able to plan a vacation ahead of time, or found some expected time off, price shouldn’t hinder getting a quality vacation with your family.

If you still need to plan some summer travels, here are a few ways to score extra savings:

Be Flexible

The more flexible you and your timeline can be, the more savings can come your way. Having no dates set in stone can result in better flight deals, hotel deals, and other rental deals. Bargain hunting for mid week and shoulder season deals can save you a lot of money. And, searching for last minute cancellations can mean a spontaneous affordable vacation awaits.

Head to Lesser Known Destinations

Everyone wants to head to NYC, the Grand Canyon, and even Myrtle Beach! These locations can be crowded and that tends to drive the prices up. Heading somewhere less popular can keep your prices down. And from hotels to restaurants to activities, you will can find better deals in places that offer the same things the popular destinations do.

Use Credit Cards for Perks

Many of us use credit cards, but do we benefit in the perks those cards offer? Many cards offer points for airline miles or cashback for eating out. First, pick credit cards that have benefits you know will be beneficial to you and your family. And then, dont sleep on these benefits! Make sure to take the necessary steps to use your perks before they expire.

Traveling in the summer can be expensive, crowded, and overwhelming. But following these tips can help you to score some extra summer savings this year and beyond.



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