Q is for Quit Doubting Yourself!

Q is for Quit Doubting Yourself!

quit doubting yourself!

Self doubt is easy to succumb to. We live in a world that constantly tells us we need to do better and do more to succeed. The smallest mistake can be seen as the biggest failure, by ourselves and others. It doesn’t help that the world only shows us everyone’s wins, rather than failure or even everyday occurrences. Thanks to the internet we can feel as if we aren’t doing things right, or enough, or whatever it may be that makes you doubt yourself. 

Self doubt can creep into many aspects of your life for many different reasons. It can be unresolved trauma, stress, or self esteem issues. But whatever the reason may be, it will get better! By quitting doubting yourself, you may not make all of your problems disappear. But you may make things easier on yourself when you move through the world confident and secure with yourself.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Comparison is the enemy to self confidence. Everyone is on their own path in life and you are no different. Doing what works for you will help you to feel adequate.

Work on Yourself

If you are doubting yourself, rather than wallowing in despair, ask yourself what can be done. Taking a class, going to therapy, or starting a new hobby can be the difference between doubting your abilities or feeling confident.

Celebrate Your Wins – Small and Large

It is important to celebrate yourself! Everytime you reinforce something good about yourself, you will start to believe all the good things about yourself. Nothing is too small to celebrate.

Immerse Yourself in Positivity 

Surround yourself with people who are proud of your accomplishments, rather than ones who will put you down. Read, listen, and watch positive media that improves your life and mental health. Write in a gratitude journal or practice mantras. So, whatever positivity means to you, start practicing it daily!

Self-doubt can be terrible, but it doesn’t have to overwhelm your life. Quit doubting yourself today by doing a few simple things!


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