M is for the Magic of Mentoring

M is for the Magic of Mentoring

magic of mentoring

M is for the Magic of Mentoring
“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” — Oprah Winfrey

Have you considered becoming a mentor? Or maybe you’ve found yourself mentoring. Or being mentored by another. Just because it feels like the right thing to do? After all, helping others or learning from others is a gift we all can share with one another. When we are either the mentor or the men-tee, we can gain valuable wisdom, profound connection and invaluable experience. We all have certain areas of expertise that may benefit someone younger or older, or just new to a situation. When we choose to give of ourselves or open ourselves to new ideas we can find inspiration, knowledge and growth. We become a treasured resource in someone’s life.

Think back in life to those who influenced you, these people will most likely be mentors, someone who simply took the time to be present with you and guide you even in a small way. Or maybe think back to a time when you taught something new to someone you love? The benefits of joining a mentoring program are endless. Everyone involved has something to gain.
Whatever your passions or your skills are, there is an organization there for you! Share your knowledge with a teenager, or ask a coworker from another department to lunch. Join an organization, or be informal, and bond with a friend or a coworker in a new way. Spreading knowledge, and consistently challenging oneself to learn new things is the path to bettering the world around you.
Many studies have shown that mentoring improves the lives of both the mentor and the men-tee. Helping others develop a new skill, improves on our own self-esteem, and builds on the confidence of everyone involved. So why not get out there and help or be helped? It’s never too late!
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