J is for the Journey of Job Hunting after 50

J is for the Journey of Job Hunting after 50

journey of job hunting after 50
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Each life journey comes with ups and downs, and when a chance for a new opportunity presents itself, it’s important to embrace the growth that’s in store and except the challenges no matter how daunting it may seem. So let’s think of job hunting after 50 as a new expedition in which we can learn to get out there, grow in wisdom and achieve what we are looking for; after all, 50 is the new 40.

As you go through this journey remember your career isn’t over and a new improved version of you may be on the horizon. So, let’s look at some strategies to better market you after 50, and find that new position.

Get started right away

This may be hard but having a large gap on your resume may make it harder to land that new job. The saying goes “there is no time like the present to start.”


It is no longer necessary to date your experiences so remove all age indicators such as the year you graduated and the lengths of employment. Your age is no longer a factor when an employer is searching through a pile of resumes. Keep your resume short and sweet, highlight the last ten years of relevant work history and accomplishments, and include new skills you are currently acquiring. Don’t forget to proofread it before you send.


Avoid mentioning age during an interview but do learn to use this as an asset, not a deficit. Share how your years of experience have taught you invaluable life lessons. If it’s been a long time since your last interview practice your skills by recording your voice as you respond to a list of interview questions. Be sure you sound like you care, and tweak as needed. Having a positive attitude and a willingness to do your best will shine through in the toughest of interviews.

Create a digital presence

Demonstrate your comfort with technology and make it clear that you’re tech savvy. Consider setting up your own website, where you can promote your skills and services, it will also provide you with a professional email. LinkedIn and other social media tools can be used to show your expertise. Also, reading the company’s Twitter feed and/or contributing interesting articles to your own Twitter feed can help you shine as an industry leader.


Having a contact at a company that is hiring gives you an advantage especially if this individual is willing to vouch for you. Put the word out to your network; you never know who may introduce you to someone who can help in your search.

Consider Part-Time Work

It’s a great way to get your foot in the door and show your skill set and experience. It may also become your next full-time job for many years ahead. A part-time position can also contribute to providing income while you’re searching.
The journey to a job search after 50 no longer need be a dreaded experience. So go out there and show what you have to offer, keep a positive outlook, and demonstrate that you value your skills and talents.

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