I is for INSURANCE Policies Need to be Reevaluated

I is for INSURANCE Policies Need to be Reevaluated

insurance policies needs to be reevaluated


Insure that you are insured properly by reevaluating all of your policies. There are many types of insurance policies. This includes Health, Life, Auto, Homeowners and Umbrella, a form of insurance protection against losses that exceed the amounts covered by other liability insurance policies. And they all need to be updated with your divorce.

Health Insurance

You need to confirm how you and your kids will continue to be covered. Do you have your own policy through work or are you on your soon to be ex-husband’s policy? Do you need to go on COBRA (temporary health coverage)? Ask a health insurance broker to give you a policy coverage outline and the cost so you can include it in your expenses when you are calculating your alimony and child support needs.

Life Insurance

Change the beneficiary on your life insurance policy. If your kids are or will be the beneficiaries and they are young, speak with your lawyer to see what is the best way to handle this. Perhaps you need to set up a Trust for the money to go into. Are you the beneficiary of your ex’s in case he dies and there is no more alimony? Make sure you confirm every year that he does not change the beneficiary. Speak with your lawyer and have it included in your agreement stating that a copy of the beneficiary page will be sent to you every year to verify that no changes have been made.

Auto Insurance

Separate your policies. Talk to your agent. Make sure you change the title of the car to just your name.

Homeowners Insurance and Umbrella Policies

Change the policy to reflect the new ownership of the house. Don’t forget you may need an Umbrella Policy if you have driving teenagers.

Your insurance agents are paid by commissions on your policies and are there to help you handle all of the details. They can research your best options and easily make the changes you need and possibly save you money in premiums along the way.


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