F is for the F.O.R.D. Method for Fluid and Meaningful Conversation

F is for the F.O.R.D. Method for Fluid and Meaningful Conversation

f.o.r.d method

My favorite son Jerry’s recognition and awareness of how proper networking benefits my business; recently shared the F.O.R.D acronym with me. It stands for Family, Occupation, Recreation and Dreams.

I have always believed that finding a common ground between me and a complete stranger a key in making strong connections. Yet, many of us find small talk intimidating and stressful. How do you find common ground with a complete stranger without asking all the wrong questions? The world population contains a multitude of unique individuals, and finding common connections can seem difficult. This is where the F.O.R.D technique can help you begin a meaningful conversation with just about anyone.

Consider the four topics of the F.O.R.D method, (family, occupation, recreation and dreams) and formulate a few questions for each category. Now use these questions to start a conversation, invite them to share their passions and personal stories. And position yourself so that you are both prepared to listen and share. Engaging conversation is a two-way street, when you’re interested in what the other person is saying you will begin to connect on a deeper personal level.

Connection is something we all seek with our family and friends but it doesn’t have to stop there. When we build new connections and embrace these relationships we are growing personally and professionally. Community is an extremely important part of our overall life experience. Connection not only helps our careers, but it can also provide a healthy and happy personal life.

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