F is for Financial Strategies for Divorce

F is for Financial Strategies for Divorce

When going through a divorce you may experience moments that feel like you’re walking through a dense fog without any direction. This can feel especially frightening when you start to factor in finances along with your emotions. It can be hard to navigate what your future will look like without your longtime partner. But as hard as this may be, you must find the strength to focus and plan for your new future. Having a financial strategy can help you to plan the logistics of a healthy financial future for yourself.

Here are a few financial strategies to help you start the process:

First, have you been involved in the family finances during your marriage? Do you have knowledge of all your investment accounts, retirement plans, bank accounts, debt, etc.? If you were an active participant you are well ahead of the game. If you were not, start collecting statements of all your asset accounts and most recent tax returns so you can find a Certified Divorce Financial (CDFA) Advisor to explain all that you will need to know and can help you create a financial plan.

Start creating the next phase of your life, and yes, you can do this while you are still grieving the loss of what you imagined would be next. When you take the time and allow yourself to have new dreams and hopes you may actually find yourself sailing smoothly through the grieving process as you become more excited for your new future. Keep in mind that your dreams need to fit your budget; this will help keep you happy and financially healthy.

Begin creating your new identity. Start by either closing or converting all accounts that were in both names. Open a checking and savings account in your own name and start building your own financial identity. Find a low interest, no fee credit card with rewards and begin to establish a healthy credit score.

These small steps are valuable as they can help you begin to think financially and hopefully toward your new future.

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