C is for Choose to Challenge your Comfort Zone

C is for Choose to Challenge your Comfort Zone

your comfort zone

“Dare to learn, to be different, to set your goals, to move out of your comfort zone, to be persistent.” ~ Unknown

Your comfort zone is a space that provides you with a feeling of safety. It’s where you seek patterns of the familiar and try your best to exclude anything uncomfortable. Staying in your comfort zone may help you avoid the unknown and the fear that accompanies the unfamiliar. Yet, when we cocoon ourselves in the same old routine, even the undesirable ones, like a dead end job or disastrous marriage, we prevent growth and sacrifice our happiness.

Think about this: staying in your comfort zone is all about fear of change. Yet what we know about life is change happens constantly. So doesn’t it make sense to push through your fears and build a resilient you? We all have within us the capability to adapt to new situations and create resilience.

Choose to Challenge your Comfort zone by stepping out equipped with a positive attitude and the knowledge that building resilience is a vital part of improving life and preparing you for the unexpected.

Start by connecting with the authentic you. Find out what you desire regardless of the fear that accompanies these desires. Try something new and choose to be uncomfortable. You will find as you open yourself up to new experiences, life will begin to shift and as new tasks are accomplished it will provide you with new strength to tackle the next task.

Growth and change are about challenging comfort. As you reach for change you may experience old natural apprehensions. Pause, and turn it into a present challenge which will provide you with new opportunities.

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