A is for After Divorce Checklist

A is for After Divorce Checklist

r Once your divorce is final and your new life is right in front of you, you may be asking “Now what?” No matter how stressful or amicable your divorce may have been, you may be at a loss for what to do next. Don’t worry though, this is a normal feeling. It may seem like ther is an endless list of official and emotional tasks. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, take a quick peek at our handy checklist below will help you know what to do after your divorce.

Get Copies

Make sure to get both hard and electronic copies of your final divorce decree and any other essential documents having to do with your divorce. Should you need them, having the copies readily available will help in the long run.

Make Necessary Changes

Although you have probably been in the process of changing your name, address, and accounts, make sure you’ve covered all your bases. Close that joint account that was never used. Update the name and auto pay on all your bills. And make sure your name is no longer on anything that is not your responsibility.

Create New Plans

You may need to update your will, budget, and retirement plans to accommodate your new single life. Make sure you get this done as soon as possible after your divorce is finalized. Some of these changes could be drastic, such as needing to work more or less, or sell your family house. Especially so if all of these plans were set up with your spouse in mind.

Enjoy Yourself

Don’t forget to relax, take good care of yourself and enjoy your new life! It’s important to look at this divorce as a new chapter rather than the end of one. Prioritize yourself and be happy!   Answers from AZ.


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