Zuraw Financial Welcomes Hattie Zuraw to Our Team

Zuraw Financial Welcomes Hattie Zuraw to Our Team

Hattie joins the Zuraw Financial Team and greets clients with enthusiasm and affection.

Name: Hattie Zuraw

Title: Chief First Impression/Comfort Officer

Breed: English Bulldog

Birthplace: Greensboro, North Carolina

Personality: Perfect in every way and some kind of wonderful.

Favorite food: Organic crackers

Family: Sister Hazel who is jealous of her accomplishments at ZFA.

What her handler says: She is loving, kind, thoughtful, empathic and my soulmate.

Accomplishments: Graduated at the top of her class. Furthermore, she was Award-winning bulldog until the age of 9 months and her jaw protruded. She went on to a successful career at ZFA.

Likes: Watching Bloomberg News. Enjoys reading the Bottom Line. She loves soaking up the sunshine in the reclined position too.


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