Z is for Zero Balance

Z is for Zero Balance

Z is for Zero Balance

Are you running on empty? Does your life feel out of whack?  Do you feel depleted or diminished of all your power and strength? Well, you are not alone. Going through a divorce takes its toll both emotionally and financially on everyone. I cannot say this enough: making a plan and sticking to it can save you from many unwanted stress factors and unforeseeable issues.

Keep this in mind: you’re transitioning and moving through major life changes on a daily basis.

With change comes heartache, but it also gives you knowledge as you learn more about yourself. If you can visualize change as a constant in life, it can bring you profound solace. Change happens, there is no stopping it! Change can help you evolve into the person you were meant to be and need to be. Ultimately, it can lead you to your own personal freedom.

Let’s formulate a plan to help you get through this transition and bring balance back into your life.

1:  Seek emotional support immediately from a friend, family member or a therapist.
2:  Don’t take life too seriously. Put laughter and joy back into your life.
3: Figure out what takes care of you and makes you feel good. Is it exercise, reading, yoga, etc.?
4: Spend time with those who make you feel good about you.
5: Get your money matters in order.
6: Put balance into your financial life for peace in the present and comfort in your future.


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