Y is for You & Your Mobile Device

Y is for You & Your Mobile Device

you and your mobile device

As humans we have basic essential needs – food, clothing, shelter, community. Has it become possible that a mobile device or cell phone has been added to this list? Look around, they are in billions of hands around the globe.

Humans are glued to their cell phones even when they have the opportunity to interact with friends and family. Many can’t imagine a life or even an hour without their cell phone.

Most of us who check our phone constantly aren’t even consciously aware of how this can be negatively affecting our lives, as well as the lives of our loved ones.

A recent Internet trend report by KPCB suggests that the average person checks their smartphone 150 times a day. This new behavior is causing us to become an extremely distracted society.

For thousands of years our world connected face to face, not text to text. We laughed, we told stories, and we had intimate conversations with the people in our lives.

We concentrated on the one task at hand, not twelve at once. We now email, Facebook, text, etc. Who needs intimate contact – WE DO!

Humans are social animals and have a strong desire to feel connected to others. We flourish when we share thoughts, ideas and common interests with another person.

Intimate relationships and community are an important part of our DNA. Our brain actually thrives on these connections by releasing endorphins and hormones which help make us feel happy.

When we are happy our brain is sending positive signals to every part of our body. In essence, there are better ways than your phone to stay connected.

Cell phones are a great tool and are useful in many situations, but it is OK to turn them off and make time for human contact.

Just by turning it off for an hour during lunch with friends or a date with your significant other will increase the connection on both sides of the relationship.

You may even find that you are enjoying your time with others in the here-and-now, rather than worrying about things away from you or in the future.

It may be difficult at first, but as it becomes more of a habit you may find the clarity and connection in your life magnified tenfold.


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