Y is for YOU in the New Year

Y is for YOU in the New Year

The start of the year always brings talk of resolutions and the old adage, “New Year, New You.” Goal setting and self improvement are important parts of growing into the best possible version of yourself. The new year symbolizes a fresh start and new beginnings. Adhering to this classic mindset of making resolutions and sticking to them can be a helpful tool to better yourself and meet personal goals. 

But what happens when you have already failed to meet your goals in the first week? Or failed to make any at all?

There is a lot of pressure put on us to make the next year our “best yet.” Or to post highlights from the past year, listing everything we’ve accomplished. The pressure to show the world how good you have done and how much you will accomplish can be toxic, especially for those of us who may not be exactly where we want in life.

Instead of falling into the “new year, new you” mentality, ask yourself if there needs to be a “new you.” Ask yourself what you want your year (and your life) to look like and set goals based on these sentiments, rather than resolutions. It is perfectly acceptable to be happy where you are at. Or, if you must have a resolution, pick something fun that aligns with what you want this year, such as trying new cuisines, reading new books, or traveling somewhere new. Your resolutions do not have to center around losing weight or eating healthier, unless that is truly a goal you are setting for your health!

Be gentle and encouraging with yourself in the new year. The new year is merely a number on the calendar. You can start a journey of self improvement on any day at any time of the year. But if a clean slate appeals to you, by all means use the new year as motivation for the best possible you. The possibilities are endless.

We wish you all the best in the 2024.


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