X is for eXtra Income.

X is for eXtra Income.

extra income


The key to getting ahead is to live below your means, but this is becoming more and more difficult.

So what are some creative and simple ways to put some eXtra income back in your pocket? Let’s explore some options for earning extra money.

A  good place to start is your current line of work. Start by stepping up you capabilities by taking a class to learn something new which will help you excel at your current job. Your increased knowledge and higher level of expertise may help promote you to a higher paying position.
If the there is no room advancement in your present career and you can’t find a better job, you may want to consider adding a second job or doing some odd jobs.

Here are some ideas that may help you earn some eXtra income:

Find a second job. This is an excellent form of added income.

Have a garage sale. Cleaning out the attic may generate more cash then you know.

Teach a Language. Are you bilingual or do you excel in other educational areas? Let this become an income source!

Music Lessons. Put your musical talents to use and teach others.

Designated Driver. All you need is a reliable car and maybe a pot of strong coffee to become a designated driver for cash.

Babysit. This isn’t just for teenagers. Who wouldn’t want a more responsible adult in charge?

Board a pet. Pet lover’s often want their pet boarded in a loving home — not a kennel.

Paper routes. This job can easily be done before your first job, as delivery is done before dawn.

Yard work.  Are you strong and physically fit? You can make extra cash and exercise your body at the same time.

Sell Baked Goods. Do you have a few special recipes? Sell them at a local coffee shop or deli, private parties or business events.

Own a truck? Rent it out.

Take in a boarder, clean homes/offices, referee sporting events, sell used books, freelance writing, sell digital photos on line. If you are talented and excel  in computers, offer web design to independent businesses. Take a close look at your skills and hobbies, as they may be financial attributes.

As you can see the possibilities are endless! With a little creativity and ingenuity you can secure that eXtra income your family needs.

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