X is for “Let’s eXplore the investment style of XX verses XY”

X is for “Let’s eXplore the investment style of XX verses XY”


“Let’s eXplore the investment style of XX verses XY”

How women and men differ in genes may affect your Investment Strategies.
We’ve all heard the phrase “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” and many of us agree that there are differences between man and women.  But is there a difference in the investment style of men and women?
Studies and research on this topic find that gender does play a role with investment strategies. Research does not verify one sex as being superior; however, it does help knowing where the strengths of each lie.  Let’s look at a few differences between men and women when it comes to investing.

  • Women tend to be more cautious and conservative toward risk taking and usually focus on the long-term plan, like college savings. They tend to associate money with security, independence and the improved quality of life to their families.
  • Men tend to be more competitive and likely to take larger risk, as they are often focused on the short-term track of their portfolios.
  • Women are more likely to research investments thoroughly before making portfolio decisions.
  • Men are more likely to react to market timing impulses.
  • Women are receptive to financial advice and more likely than their male counterpart to ask for direction on investments from a professional advisor.
  • Men are more prone to make financial decisions entirely on their own.

As you can see both sexes have different styles of investing, yet studies show that their returns are similar over time.  Perhaps using the best habits of each of the sexes can help provide balance and benefits in investment style. Whether you are male or female, make sure your investment style corresponds with your overall financial goals.
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