X is for How to Deal with eXtreme Stress During a Divorce

X is for How to Deal with eXtreme Stress During a Divorce

X is for How to Deal with eXtreme Stress During a Divorce

The divorce process, whether it be legal, financial or emotional, is likely to cause you eXtreme stress. This stress puts your body under a tremendous strain and can cause physical as well as emotional damage and aliments. So, how do you deal with eXtreme stress during a divorce?

Over the years, it has been medically and psychologically proven that stress breaks down the body and the mind. On the stress scale, divorce is listed as one of the top stressors. It raises stress levels more than diet, genetics, environment or lifestyle. Stress has also been sighted as a possible contributor of illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and immune disorders.

The loss of a long term relationship is a very traumatic time in your life. Not only are you losing a partner, but many additional life changes will be occurring simultaneously. If you are a housewife, you have just lost your job! Selling your home and relocating can be stressful enough under normal circumstances. Now add in child custody, change of living standards and who gets custody of your social relationships — all add to your ongoing stress level.

All of the things mentioned can throw your body and your mind into acute stress which can also lead to chronic stress. Both can be devastating to the body. It is irrelevant whether you or your spouse initiated the divorce, but how you choose to move through this life change will have an impact your health.

So how can you avoid eXtreme stress when going through a divorce?

The answer is in self-care. It is eXtremely important that you make a plan to take care of you at this time. You will need stress management, regular exercise, good nutrition and the power to believe you will get through this. These all play tremendous roles in your healing process. Nothing is more important than working through the emotional trauma of your divorce NOW.
Remember, divorce does not have to stay traumatic. With the proper guidance, support and road map you may find yourself well on your way to a happier, healthy and less stressful life.

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