X is for eXploring Life after Divorce

X is for eXploring Life after Divorce

exploring life after divorce

 “You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you.” —Joseph Campbell

You’ve spent many hours dissecting your marriage before you came to the conclusion that divorce was in everyone’s best interest, but have you spent any time projecting your wishes and desires for the future?

Take some time now to eXplore what your life will be like after you divorce.

When you begin to formulate a plan for the future, you can choose to create a new life, one that you desire as you move forward.

It wasn’t easy, but you’ve managed to endure one of life’s hardest challenges. Healing will take time, but this new feeling of lightness in your soul can give you a sense of hope for a new beginning.

Start by removing any shame from this experience

There is no blame when we realize the person we chose in our youth does not fit into our life at forty. We all grow and change in different ways, but staying “just because” can lead to resentment and profound unhappiness.

Don’t forget to grieve!

This is a step that is critical to healing. Without going through this process, you won’t be able to move forward. So feel the pain, the loss, and the sadness. This will help you move on.

Let this new beginning empower you to revitalize your life!

Identify a vision of joy in your future. This is a new chapter, and you are the creator of your life.  Use the lessons you learned from the past to evolve as you go forward and begin the life that’s waiting for you.

Don’t’ let the hard days stop you from achieving your goals.

Wallowing in self-pity will slow the progress on your journey to a new destiny.

Keep your vision at the forefront of your mind and let this awaken all your desires. Go forward knowing, you cannot achieve the life you want until you close one door and open another. Life is filled with endless possibilities. Now go out there and live your dreams.


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