X is for eXamine Your Widows Checklist

X is for eXamine Your Widows Checklist

examine your widows checklist


Becoming a widow, either suddenly or not, is a highly emotional and stressful time in life. It probably feels overwhelming with the number of decisions, financially and emotionally, that you’ll need to consider at this time.

While it is essential to find support with your loved ones during this time, below is some help in the form of a checklist to keep your transition into widowhood as easy as possible.

Get Support

Reach out to the resources that are available to you to help you get through this difficult time. Is your grief overwhelming? Seek a therapist or a grief counselor. If moving into a smaller space or closer to family is too much to handle, seek an estate attorney. And don’t forget to call your trusted financial advisor to navigate your finances and the impact the death of a spouse can have on your life.

Gather Important Documents

Now is the time to gather all official documents needed. Make sure you have your spouse’s will, their death certificate, marriage certificate, their birth certificate, and health insurance policy ready. Also, it is crucial to check their safe deposit box, details of their assets, tax returns, social security benefits, and any bills that are not shared. Don’t forget to contact trusted advisors and business partners, as well as check their virtual accounts and devices for any other relevant information.

Contact the Right Places

Contact your spouse’s employer to check for retirement plans and death benefits. Get in touch with Social Security with relevant information readily available to collect benefits. You should always seek the help of an estate advisor, tax advisor, and financial advisor to navigate through your finances when there is a significant change in your life circumstances.

Take Action Where Needed

You need to cancel all credit cards and change insurance policies and bills into your name. Close joint accounts and create a new budget. Don’t forget to breathe and take time for yourself. Although you are a new widow, and life may have changed drastically, it is still your life. Make the time for yourself to grieve and move on. Your future is what is essential here, and taking the steps to make it the best it can possibly be is important!

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