What’s Inside Your Purse in This Stage of Life?

What’s Inside Your Purse in This Stage of Life?

What we carry in our purses changes as we go through different stages of our lives. We start off as young girls carrying cute little purses. Our purses contained what we believed to be our most valuable positions. Lip gloss, a comb, loose change and probably a photo of the cutest boy in school.

As we move on in our lives our purse contents changes. In high school and college we needed bigger purses. Bigger to handle our phones, wallets, car keys, locker keys, make-up bag, work-out clothes, class schedules, feminine products, etc. Just name it and it was probably in our bag.

Through our dating years, we carried chic and fashionable purses, whatever was the hottest and most sophisticated look. Very slim with only the necessities needed for an evening out.

Once married, our husbands start taking over our purses. So we begin to hear: “Honey, will you carry my car keys,check book, camera, passports, tickets, etc.”

After we have children, we end up needing to carry not just one bag but two bags. One which is a diaper bag and is dedicated to handle every situation that a child could possible encounter. Plus our own purse. Which now actually carries the overflow, and extra items that we couldn’t get into the diaper bag.

What does your purse say about where you are in life?

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