What’s Inside Your Purse? Donating Your Old Bags

What’s Inside Your Purse? Donating Your Old Bags

Welcome back to Chicks Chat and Change. Hi I’m Ann Zuraw.

What do you do with your old purse when it is time to say goodbye? Donating used clothes and purses have a far greater value and a bigger financial reach than you might think.

Donating clothing doesn’t just mean letting your things be resold at a local GoodWill or Salvation Army store. These groups are a terrific donating opportunity and serve the community as an inexpensive shopping option not to mention a wonderful charitable effort and tax deduction.

To meet the continuing ongoing needs of communities, other donation ideas are springing to life. They now have donation centers that work as stores that loan clothes to help the underprivileged dress for job interviews and special occasions. Other donation facilities allow pregnant women to lease maternity clothing.

One of the things that most of us who are fortunate enough have is more clothes than we actually need. Just imagine breathing new life into your old but favorite purse and sharing your confidence and a piece of your happiness with someone who is working towards a new and better life.

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