What’s Inside Your Purse? Meeting your Goals

What’s Inside Your Purse? Meeting your Goals

What’s in your purse can help you meet your budget goals.

Here is one of the stories I heard recently from a viewer. The viewer is working very hard to save as much as possible for her daughter’s college education. She is very aware of how important staying within her budget is if she wants to be successful in reaching her goal.

The first thing she did was to remove all of her credit cards from her purse except for one. She found that carrying more than one made it too easy to over-spend because it allowed her to spread charges around. Then, as a reminder of her financial goal, she placed a photo of her daughter right next to her credit card. So every time she goes to use her charge card she has a visual reminder of what she is working towards.
Now, she always thinks before she pulls out that credit card to make sure it is not just a frivolous buy. Having her daughter’s photo next to the credit card is a constant reminder of what her goals are and what she is trying to accomplish.

I believe visual reminders are wonderful and can be used for any goal that you are working towards. If your goal is to purchase a new home, car or perhaps take that special family trip that you know will provide a lifetime of memories, place a photo next to your charge card of your goal.

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