W is for Work-Life Balance When you Work from Home

W is for Work-Life Balance When you Work from Home

The boom of jobs moving to remote work during the pandemic has both companies and employees preferring the work from home life.  And while there are so many benefits to working from home, how do you keep a healthy work life balance, when you live where you work?

While most people report enjoying remote work more than working in the office, isolation and productivity issues often arise. It can feel lonely, not leaving the house or having coworkers to socialize with at lunch. It can also be difficult to separate home and work from one another. Whether or not these are areas in which you struggle with when you work from home, there are ways to have a healthier work life balance.

Invest in a home office

It is important to have a designated work space. You won’t feel or be very productive working from your bed. And it may start to feel like when you spend time in bed, you should be working. Carving out a space will help you separate work from home. And even if it is just a small desk in the corner of a room can help create that balance.

Make office hours

Just because you can’t physically leave your work does not mean you should start working all hours of the day. Setting a schedule like you would when going into the office will ensure that you have a work-life balance. 

Take Breaks

Another important part of your work day is taking a break. You break to grab lunch or to chat with a coworker about their weekend or the office holiday party. These aren’t always options when working from home. But you should plan to step away from your desk for lunch, and take a 5 to 15 minute break a couple of times throughout the day, to walk outside or text a loved one. Or even try to plan to run short errands during the day, or take an appointment during your lunch break, just like you would in the office.

Plan Ahead

Plan for things after you are finished working to get excited about. And bonus points if they include leaving the house! Get a few friends or coworkers together for happy hour. Enroll in a group exercise class. Plan on going shopping to cook a nice meal for yourself and your family. Whatever you want to do after work, do it rather than lingering in the house or home office.

Whether you work from home or from an office or other location, maintaining a work life balance is important to both your physical and mental health. Don’t forget to schedule time for yourself within your work week to maintain a healthy work-life balance!


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