W is for Why Your Decision Style may impact Your Happiness?

W is for Why Your Decision Style may impact Your Happiness?

why your decision style may impact your happiness

The pursuit of happiness is humanity’s ultimate goal. Most people put happiness over all other life goals, and are consistently working towards being happy. But, after decades of research it still remains mysterious and complex. Have you ever considered that your decision-making style may impact your emotional state?

We are continually making decisions in our lives, but have you ever stop and wondered how you make decisions? A study by psychologist Barry Schwartz of Swarthmore College has broken down decision style into two groups – “Maximizers” and “Satisficers”.

Maximizers — tend to check every option available seeking the best possible choice.

Satisficers — will choose good enough without checking the possibility that there may be something better.
According to Schwartz’s research the satisficers are usually happier about their decision-making choices. The reason, he claims, is the maximer’s style can create misery in a world of overwhelming choices. They tend to over analyze and over think both the issue and the choices, creating a whirlwind of indecisiveness.

The satisficers on the other hand does not have low standards, yet they are aware that nothing can ever be perfect and therefore are content with excellent as opposed to the absolute best. They tend to pick something that works for them right off the bat. They go with their gut feeling and deal with the outcome.

If you find you fit into the maximizers style don’t fret, you too can learn to apply the satisficing strategy when making choices. Do this by reminding yourself that no option is ever perfect. Instead of agonizing over the multitude of choices in order to attain perfection, learn to accept the good enough choice. Pick the option that makes you happy right now, and most likely it will work out in the end. In this world of abundant options you may find this method helps alleviate unnecessary stress, leaving you with feelings of happiness and contentment.

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