W is for Why Women Divorce

W is for Why Women Divorce

why women divorce

We all want that marriage that survives the test of time and continues to grow and flourish. Unfortunately for many, the marriage breaks down, unhappiness sets in and divorce becomes the best option.
Surprisingly, two-thirds of all divorces are initiated by women, according to a study by the American Sociological Association. So why do females initiate divorce more than males’? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons women want a divorce more than men.


The roles that each partner assumes are still gender-skewed, and as a result, women are still expected to handle the bulk of the childcare and housework. These traditional spousal roles are hard to maintain when both the male and the female have full-time jobs. If fairness and equality are not established in the relationship, it will leave the door open for resentment.

Outgrowing the Relationship

Life, as well as relationships, are learning and growing experiences, and sometimes we’re not always in the same place emotionally and mentally as our partners. Women tend to seek self-help books and therapy a lot faster than their male counterparts. They want to fix the problem in themselves as well as in their relationship. If the husband doesn’t take the same path, it can lead to a greater disconnect in the marriage.

Not being seen or heard

Every partnership requires attention and active communication. When this fails so does the closeness you once had, and the breakdown in the marriage becomes inevitable.

Unresolved Issues

Arguing about the same issue over and over again and not being able to meet each other halfway breathes resentment and creates hopelessness. Without a resolve or hope change becomes necessary.

Unfulfilling Sex Lives

Intimacy between two people plays a significant role in marriage. It provides a closeness that helps strengthen strong bonds both physically and emotionally. Often an unsatisfactory sex life means there are larger problems outside of the bedroom.

The fact that women want fairness and equality are not new; women have been initiating divorce for centuries. The good news is we are making headway with equal rights. So before you begin your next relationship make sure you’re on equal terms and you both have strong communication skills.

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