V is for Vulnerability and its Positive Impact

V is for Vulnerability and its Positive Impact

Vulnerability is something that is oftentimes seen as something that is okay for others, but not for us. Vulnerability is also synonymous with weakness, and that is something we wouldn’t want to show others about ourselves. But this isn’t exactly what vulnerability is. And what we have been conditioned to think of as weaknesses, could actually be some of our biggest strengths.

Vulnerability is usually a risky act, and the opposite of weak. It can feel vulnerable to put yourself out there when there is a fear of failure. This goes for risks in your personal relationships, career, and lifestyle choices. It can be difficult to be authentically you. So when we see others taking big risks, or being vulnerable, we often see that as a sign of that person being strong. But because all we feel when we are being vulnerable is the difficult emotions that come with it, we tend to view it as weakness in ourselves.

But vulnerability isn’t weak. Saying “I love you” first or moving to a new city where you don’t know anyone are strong moves. We wouldn’t think a “weak” person could do things like that. Therefore, the next time we are feeling scared to ask for a raise, take a big leap of faith within our career, or take the next step in our relationship, think about being vulnerable, and what a brave and positive act it will be. Most of the time, being vulnerable will enrich your life, even if the feeling is scary at first. There will be no growth in your life without vulnerability.


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