V is for Various Ways a Virtual Office Can Earn You Extra Income

V is for Various Ways a Virtual Office Can Earn You Extra Income

various ways a virtual office an earn you extra income



Yes, you may opt for the traditional side job to help increase your income, but most come with time restrictions and linguistic issues. Consider what you can do from the comfort of your own home or virtually anywhere for that matter, using a high speed internet connection. There are many opportunities out there, let’s explore a few options.

Swag Bucks

Is one of the largest online rewards website; here you can receive free gift cards ($5-$25) when you take surveys, watch videos, and shop through their website.


You can sell products online to make extra money. When you partner with Amazon you can take advantage of their fulfillment services as well their listing platform.

Website Testing

Companies often pay to have their new websites tested in order to provide them with feedback on which parts are confusing or not user friendly. If you don’t want to find clients on your own, use a testing company like User Testing that will pay each time you review a site.

Data Entry

Many companies outsource the task of inputting data, if you have a computer and typing accuracy and speed this may be an income source for you. Expect to earn $6 to $20 per hour.


Do you like to express your opinions? If so this is the job for you, there are sites, such as E-Poll Surveys that will pay for opinions. Taking surveys will give you an opportunity to enjoy yourself while you make extra income.


You can find you own clients by answering ads or placing your own ad, or you can work for an online tutoring company. There are many students who need help with schoolwork or preparing for test who are now searching the web for convenient on-line tutoring.

Editing & Writing

Every company now has a website and each website needs content and editing of the content. If you can write or are good at proofreading then search the web for online companies willing to pay for these services or find your own clients by placing an ad.

Creating Websites

Do you have valuable expert information on a specialty topic? You can earn income by sharing this information on a website. The more traffic you build, the easier it will be to make money selling ads and products on your site.

Social Media

Be sure and promote whatever you choose to do online through your social media accounts and website. By letting your followers know what you have to offer they can come to you when you services are needed and spread the word to their followers.

While many more jobs exist online, do your homework and check on the sites reliability before you provide your services. Then grab yourself a cup of coffee and relax on your sofa as you jump into your virtual office and create some extra income.

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