V is for Vaccine: Hope for Our Future

V is for Vaccine: Hope for Our Future

Regardless of how this year has affected you and your loved ones, it is important to have hope and to get excited about the COVID-19 vaccine. No matter your age, employment status, or your health, this vaccine is something to celebrate as we roll into 2021. While depending on a few of the factors mentioned we will be given a timeline as to when we may be able to receive this exciting new treatment, it is bringing hope for ourselves, our loved ones, and our community.

Hope is something we could all definitely use a little bit more of in this new year.

And that is exactly what this vaccine is bringing to us. Hope brings us a greater sense of happiness and may contribute to more positive outcomes in life,  But most importantly, hope can carry us through difficult times. And that may be the best thing it can do for all of us right now.

Although life as we knew it still feels far off, I’m hopeful that this vaccine will bring a lot of good into our lives this year.

So, plan that vacation for next Christmas. Enroll in the graduate program you’ve been putting off for too long. Finally, sign up to run that 5k. While there may be no guarantee that we will be able to do these types of things later this year, there is much more hope that our dreams and goals may come to fruition in the near future.

So no matter if you are over 65 and are expecting your vaccine next week, or you are a 25-year-old healthy remote worker, have a little hope for what the vaccine may bring to all of our lives this year. You never know, it could be something great!

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To find a vaccine location near you, visit vaccines.gov!


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